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About Us

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Totem is a group of people dedicated to making live events safer, more immersive, and more beautiful.

We believe that life's most beautiful moments are experienced alongside the people we love. And everyone—regardless of race, creed, or upbringing—deserves a beautiful life filled with love.

Everything we do is guided by four principles: 
Love, Unity, Simplicity, and Beauty.

Life is empty without love. We approach every aspect of our work—from product design to community engagement—with love in our hearts.
Humanity shines brightest when we stand together. There's no room for disrespect or divisiveness in our Tribe—period.
Simple solutions are beautiful solutions. We are here to reduce complexity in your life, not add to it.
Everyone deserves a beautiful life. As a rule: everything we do, everything we build, must make the world a more beautiful place.

our story

Totem was born at EDC Orlando 2019, co-founder Chase Lemonds' first ever major festival experience. Within hours, his phone had been stolen and he lost his friends in the crowd. As Chase wandered EDC alone, he had an idea that would change the festival world forever.

In 2023, Chase met Totem co-founder Carter Fowler and they decided together to bring this idea to life.

In February 2024, our debut product—the Totem Compass—went globally viral, racking up over 30M views and over $1.5M in pre-sales in less than a week.

Co-Founder | CEO

Carter Fowler

Co-Founder | CTO

Chase Lemonds


Makaela Lovato


Kailey Ware


Ashlyn Gentile

Cybersecurity Advisor

Christopher Perry