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totem compass
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bond your tribe

Create an unbreakable bond for the weekend. Press and hold the touch crystal to enter bonding mode. Each compass can bond with 4 other compasses at once.

totem for festivals

find your tribe

Never get lost at the festival again. Turn on compass mode to track your tribe's directional headings in real-time. Follow their light and it will lead you right to your friends—even in a massive crowd.

vibe with your tribe

Turn on vibe mode and watch everyone's compass pulse with synced animations that react to the music. The vibes will be immaculate—just be ready for tons of people to come up and ask you about it.

rave totem

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Group Size
$56 / ea
$53 / ea
$50 /ea
$47 / ea
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How does this work?

Totem Compasses use GNSS to determine their locations, and then leverage our Unity Mesh Network to communicate that location to each other without any cell service, wifi, or bluetooth. Our software uses that data to determine the directional heading of your friends, and guides you in their direction using a ring of pretty lights.

What's the range on this thing?

Short Answer:
Boundless range at most festivals.

Long Answer:
The peer-to-peer range between any two compasses goes up to 500-1000M, but our Unity Mesh Network extends that range indefinitely for all compasses in the network, regardless of whether they are part of your group.

How's the battery life?

It lasts longer than your phone and charges super quickly. The Totem Compass goes for 24-36 hours on a full charge and is rechargeable via USB-C.

How big is it?

Dimensions: 50mm X 15mm (2" X 0.59") — about the size of a doublestuf Oreo

Weight: 35g (1.23oz) — about the weight of 1 AA battery

What if it gets wet?

The Totem Compass is built for music festivals, no need to worry. It's 100% waterproof (not just water-resistant) and 100% dust-proof.

It also has such a low density that it actually FLOATS when dropped in water. How cool is that?

Shipping & Price?

Shipping begins in May (more details to come as dates approach), and it's super affordable. Check out our Pre-Order page for pricing info.

it's coming so soon...